Barca de São Vicente (Saint Vincent’s Ship) is commited in buying and selling Art & Antiques: Furniture, Paintings, Sculptures, Silver, Sacred Art, Ivories, Bronzes, Porcelain, Crystal, Jewelry and other Pieces of art.

Our stores aims at being alluring places, where carefully chosen pieces, observing quality, aesthetic and taste criteria, are harmoniously displayed, respecting the space each of them needs to be seen, touched and duly admired.

The different styles are mingled, following an eclectic taste, and irreverently blending in, since we share the taste for the ancient and a passion for its integration in contemporary houses, helping to create special and magical atmospheres.

Pieces with distinct provenances, dating from such different centuries as the 17th and the 20th, live together in perfect harmony, inviting us to enquire about their history, making us imagine all the stories lived by the ones who once possessed them, trying to unveil memories from the past and projecting them into the future.